Italians: What does “dreaded Cassetta” means? Help!?

I read this word in the Sicilian Novel and trying to know what it means, I think it’s in the Sicilian Dialect lang! So Italian or whoever know this word! please tell me 🙂

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  • labellastanza
    9 days ago

    I’m Italian, and never heard of the expression. I will pursue the answerr to this question, as i am really curious.

    i googled it and came up with same sentence – i think it is somekind of torture method.

    sentence is “the police chief tortured him with the “dreaded Cassetta” – but i still dont know what

    it is.

    but obviously a torture of akind. I guess there are many ways to…….

  • pepperhead
    5 days ago

    The suspected criminal was laid on his back on a wooden case about 3 feet long, 2 feet 6 inches wide and 1 foot 6 inches high. His dangling hands and feet were fastened with wires to the sides of the case. The wretched man was then drenched with brine and whipped with an ox-thong. In this way the lashes were the more painful but left no marks. Then his hair and his nails were torn out and the soles of his feet burnt. He was given electric shocks, his genitals were forcibly squeezed, and every now and then a funnel was stuck into his mouth, his nostrils were pinched, and he was made to swallow salt water till his stomach swelled.

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