is tums the same as blackboard chalk?

someone told me that if you have indigestion and didn’t have any Tums or antacids on hand, that you could just chew a stick of chalk that people use to write on blackboards. i know chalk is just calcium carbonate, and that is one of the main ingredients in Tums, but somehow I don’t feel they are interchangeable. is there any difference between the two?

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  • Bill
    1 month ago

    Blackboard chalk won’t be subjected to the same level of analysis and quality control as Tums, since it isn’t intended for human consumption, so consuming chalk will be somewhat less safe than consuming Tums. It’s unlikely that chalk sold in the US or Europe will have significant concentrations of toxins like heavy metals, but I’d stick with Tums all the same.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Are Tums Chalk

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