is tropicana orange juice ok to drink during pregnancy?

my gyn has asked me to take orange juice daily.

but freshly squeezed is lot of work , but am not sure how safe is tropicana….doesnt it have sodium content as preservative?

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  • tis_the_season_to_eat_holly
    1 month ago

    Juices like tropicana don’t have any additives – the pasteurization process and short shelf life, along with the need to refrigerate the juice, keep it fresh. Check the ingredients; most ‘not from concentrate’ juices have no additives.

  • myrtle
    5 days ago

    Yes, you can drink orange juice. I craved oranges and orange juice with my first pregnancy. There are some studies that suggest drinking orange juice and eating oranges may help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level during pregnancy. I think the only thing that might happen could be a little more heartburn, or morning sickness because of the acidity of the juice, but thats nothing to worry about, just one more fun pregnancy effect.

  • Mommy to 4 boys 🙂
    1 month ago

    It’s fine. As long as it is pasteruized. Cutting sodium out of your diet while pregnant, isn’t a good thing anyway. Actually women need more sodium once they become pregnant bc they lose it faster. Avoid exsessive sodium intake of course, but it is important that you do increase your sodium intake somewhat. Restricting it, can cause problems in the mother and in the fetus.

  • .:Banana Nana:.
    1 month ago

    I drink it I drink the one with calicum and vitamine D. My son is totally fine. I also drink simply orange. and my baby is A OKAY.

  • starlightstrm
    1 month ago

    Tropicana is fine to use when your pregnant.

  • zwinky
    1 month ago

    ya it does have it but its only a little so its ok to drink. if your worried tho you could always buy a different type of orange.

  • baby #1 due in nov
    1 month ago

    yes it does have sodium but i think its within safe range. i’ll be drinking that too

  • Miss Pretty
    1 month ago

    yes it is orange is very good for the baby if you eat lots of oranges while you are preganant they say your baby will be beautiful/attractive

  • ashley *mommy to monkey monster*
    1 month ago

    im drinking it now :]

    and i drank it my whole pregnancy

    now i have a healthy 2 week old boy 😀

  • Z&Csmom
    1 month ago

    its fine, i drank it. and my kids are great.

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