Is this Trilegiant/Citibank, N.A. refund check legit?

The way the letter looks makes me questions the validity of the check. I want to try and call the number above but if the check and letter end up being fake, chances are that the phone number will be fake as well.

The check is issue by Citibank, N.A. and this is what the letter where the check came says word for word

“Why we’re writing to you

We’re contacting you regarding your previously canceled membership in a credit monitoring program, provided by Trilegiant for which program fees were billed to your account.

You were billed program fees even though you may not have received all of the credit monitoring and alert benefits offered with the program.

Some important information

As a result, we are issuing the attached refund check for any applicable program fees charged to your account for any period in which you were not receiving the credit monitoring and alert benefits. This refund also includes any applicable interest charges and other fees.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, please call 855-841-4717 . Our telecommunication number for our hearing impaired customers is 1-800-325-2865


Your Customer Service Team”

I live in GA so a check coming from South Dakota its kinda weird to me. Does any one have more information on this or have gotten and a similar check and cashed it or had any problems with it? I would really appreciate if you can give me any information. Thank You

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  • Ed Atun
    7 days ago

    Go ahead and cash it. It is legitimate. Trilegant was scamming people. You would sign up for something (or accept something from them) and then find you were obligated to pay them money after your “free trial” was up. People were furious. Trilegant agreed to refund $19 million to customers. Citibank is issuing the money as a refund.

  • StephenWeinstein
    7 days ago

    The check coming from South Dakota does not seem weird, because Citibank has used a South Dakota mailing address for credit card customers all over the country.

    If you’re not sure about the phone number, then look at your Citibank credit card to find a real phone number for Citibank, and call that number.

  • Tha Don
    7 days ago

    1 (800) 627-3999 is the main office for citi bank. I called them and they could not pull up my cancelled card info or really deny or confirm check, however could not find any information regarding this check! I don’t have a local citi branch near me but they said to bring it into them to verify it. also any bank can try running it do not spend the money and they will inform you and take money back from hold if it is indeed fake! I would lay bets it is an attempt to call number on letter to collect personal info to take money from you or identity theft! however if you do not cash it I bet citi bank gets that money! the phone number checks out with citi bank, gov. page gives info on this

    other reports claim checks cleared no issues! I would let money sit in account and let bank figure out if it is legal which I’m lead to believe it is a real check. also My account is in the time frame which gov. page lists for the company having to pay 19 million to consumers for their fraud they committed by not canceling peoples free credit/fraud monitoring service!

  • Kittysue
    7 days ago

    Did you ever sign up for a credit monitoring service that you later cancelled? If not, then do not cash the check

  • kcutie
    7 days ago

    I just received the same letter, word for word.

    7 days ago

    I just got one too, not sure about it.

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