Is this a good thesis statement on high school drop outs?

What is the main reason for high school drop out? Dropping out of high school is an issue faced by many teens today. As society demands the presence of hardworking graduates, we as a nation should put forth efforts to keep teens in school and educate people for future generations. There are many causes to drop out of school but with those causes come many negative effects.

Help with an intro paragraph to please

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    1 month ago

    A thesis statement should explain what you are going to talk about – topic 1, topic 2, topic 3, etc. For example, “Today, I will talk to you about how baby chicks are born, how they live their life, and how they die.” You said “there are many causes to drop out of school” – that’s too vague. Say something like “There are many causes for dropping out of high school, such as… 1, 2, 3.”

    Your paragraph is fairly well-written technique-wise, it’s just a big too vague to be a strong thesis.

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    5 days ago

    Thesis Statement High School

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Research information on the correlation between high school drop out’s and family problems. Usually there is an underlying theme on the financial and emotional status of the family. Make sure you don’t include yourself in the essay and make valid points. Use reliable resources like sites to ensure that you’re getting the right statistics.

  • Annalee
    6 days ago

    people drop out of college because of pregnancy, they dislike school and also the had to support their family

  • M.Asif
    5 days ago

    there are multitude factors for the high school dropout, however, the most sensible reasons for the dropout are economic problems, poor academic performance, and parental engagement.

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