Is there any streets named JURF HAAR or JORF HARR in the new york city?

I am just studying a comment about one of the Quran claimed to predict the 9/11 attack on NY and i really want to check whether such a street exist in NY or not? I also would be grateful if somebody tells me that why they (New York municipality) named this street Jorf Haar ? It looks like very strange name to me

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    1. Wall Street 2. Broadway 3. Canal Street 4. Park Avenue 5. 42nd Street 6. Bleeker Street 7. Fifth Avenue 8. Madison Avenue 9. Mulberry Street 10. Mottt Street 11. East 77th Street Gave you a bit more if “Avenue” can’t be used as a Street. Fire station – Engine Company 33 Mall – Manhattan Mall‎ School – Xavier High School‎ Park – Central Park Library – Ne York Public Library Swimming pool – Harlem YMCA‎ Church – St Bartholomew’s Dealership – Manhattan Volvo Restaurant – Tavern on the Green Theater – Joyce Theater‎ College – SUNY Grocery store – Whole Foods Gas station – Hess Post office – USPS or US Post Office‎ Police station – Brooklyn 77th Precinct Hospital – Bellevue Hospital

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    7 days ago

    I know.

    This street in Newyork.

    This is the address of World Trade Center:New York City, No. 108/109 JORF HARR Street

  • Pico
    1 month ago

    No, that street does not exist in NYC. The streets surrounding WTC were/are Vesey, Church, Liberty and the West Side Hwy.

    Maybe it translates into something. One website says ‘jurf’ or ‘juruf’ may mean ‘bank’

    8 days ago

    Looks like there is a “Jerf Har” street on 7th avenue and 33 street in New York.

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    7 days ago

    بلاخره مشخص نشد که همچین اسم خیابونی وجود داره یا نه

  • sorry
    1 month ago

    yes dear there is a street by the name of jurf haar and it is located in new NY, it is not belong to the muncipility of NY city, it is just happened what ever in quran mentiioned.

    it happened in year 2001>><<and from the begining of the surah which it mentioned till the verses that is about it,it is 2001 words. this event happened in september which is the 9th month and the Surah that it is mentioned in it is Surah no.9th the day that this event happened was 11th and it is mentioned in chapeter 11th of the Holy Quran. the street which it took place was 108-109 and the verses that is about this accident is 108-109. the place name which this accident took place is Jorf Har and it is exactly mentioned in the Holy Quran <<Jorf Har>>. it is surly true that tha Holy Quran is not human words, and it is from Allah SWT

    regards from a man who believe in QURAN

  • puria
    5 days ago


    noble quran have 114 chapters named “surah” and categorized in 30 segment named “joz” . Each surah consists of several verses named “ayat” . “tobe” is the 9th surah in 11th joz of quran and in 109th ayat of this surah, god says that : Then is one who laid the foundation of his building on righteousness [with fear] from Allah and [seeking] His approval better or one who laid the foundation of his building on the edge of a bank about to collapse, so it collapsed with him into the fire of Hell? And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

    world trade building was built in 109 floor and destroyed in 9/11 . just it . you judge yourself.

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    5 days ago

    More details required

  • ayeneh
    5 days ago

    I also confused

    Please sb tell me if there is

    In NY a street with the name

    Please I’m so keen to know about it😐

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