Is there a way to open a letter with a wax seal without breaking the seal?

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  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    With a small flame you can melt the wax enough to open in then use the flame again to reseal it.

    Problem is you might set the whole letter on fire…

  • ?
    9 days ago

    That is the whole idea of sealing wax.

    The sender melts the wax then stamps their seal into it.

    Unless they use a coin or something common you will not be able to copy their seal.

    That is what a signet ring was originally used for!

  • Mung
    9 days ago

    haha wow! i havent seen one of those in years! okay, so here, this is what i did, take an iron, take some wax paper, hold the hot iron upside down so you can lay the wax paper on it, use two sheets for good measure if you like. then place the letter (sealed side up!) ontop of the wax paper. basically this would make the heat from the iron soften up the wax (DON’T LET THE WAX MELT!) and you can open and reseal it

  • marcus VI
    9 days ago

    A warm knife under the seal, to reseal just touch with knife and reseal I opened a letter like this that was found when I was demolishing a building

  • Timothy L
    9 days ago

    And when did you last get a letter with a wax seaL……..?

  • shortie
    9 days ago

    I suppose, depending on the letter and how it’s put together, you could open another edge and reseal it again carefully – depending on the letter and how it’s put together. But it wouldn’t be easy.

  • kapsner
    4 days ago

    interior the previous days you would be able to desire to steam open an envelope, yet they have replaced the glues so would be unable to be performed anymore. in need of a few business based solvent, i do no longer think of it is performed.

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