is there a hack for the Aleks math program?

if so, then can you give me a link please. thanks. btw i’ve already searched for about an hour.

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  • Jim P
    1 month ago

    Y!A — is NOT a pirates ‘help’ site.

    Be VERY careful you are not REPORTED for asking this type of question.

    Read the Community Guidelines, ‘violating the law’ — in particular!!

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Do you mean so that you can get it without paying? That breaks several federal laws, as would us telling you how.

    When people download material illegally (songs, movies, software, etc.) that gives the big companies more ammunition to take to Congress when they next try to take away more of the few rights we still have under Copyright law. So you are hurting everybody, even those who do not do illegal downloads.

    If you want free software, then get software that is offered free by the producer(s) of the software.

    If you want to use commercial software, then pay for it. If you don’t, that is stealing. People have worked hard, often for months or years (yes, it takes that long) to create their products. They deserve to get paid for their efforts. How would you feel if you had worked on something for months, planning on making a living with it, and somebody started giving it away free, and you didn’t get a penny for all of your effort?

  • Faze
    6 days ago

    i will pay i somebody could hack aleks

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    There Isn t! Don t look for one. You are violating the AUP and can get expelled from school. LAUSD and other Disticts check your search history.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    Hope this helps!

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