Is there a beach in Southern California that is known to have driftwood?

I’m looking for a great piece of driftwood for my aquarium. Thanks for your help!

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  • Capt. Obvious
    1 month ago

    You might be able to find some around beaches that have a river or creek flowing into them: Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, etc.

    However, this time of year, you don’t get much driftwood. The time to really get it is right after a storm. The beaches are covered with it. My favorite beach to gather driftwood is around Carpinteria. You can’t remove any vegetation of wildlife from a State Park or Beach (such as Carpinteria), but the city beach is nearby, as well as unincorporated areas. Right after winter storms, there’s tons. I remember about 10 hours ago, the storms were so bad that the driftwood and debris pile was about 15 feet tall, and about that wide at the base, all the way down the beach.

  • deparvine
    4 days ago

    those I normally circulate to are Newport sea coast, Corona Del Mar, or Huntington sea coast. regrettably, most of the seashores have not have been given any porta potties yet their own homes with around 4-5 stalls interior them. they are very grimy 🙁 in case you choose to do different issues besides swimming i could say the Huntington sea coast has a pier and different plaza’s close-by potential of for buying, eating, and surfing very touristy shops. This is going an identical for the Newport Pier – you may devour Ruby’s on the tip of the pier, yet there’s no longer as many shops to browse around the area till you’re keen to stroll around for awhile. desire you have a relaxing day and that a number of this recommendation has helped!

  • Muppet
    1 month ago

    Palos Verdes, the beach by the Trump National Golf course.

  • Bestie
    1 month ago

    You could try Carpinteria State Beach, but that’s up in Ventura.

  • jsjamieson_33
    1 month ago

    Old mans or trestles usually has some

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    if you’re closer to san diego: south carlsbad state beach. if you’re closer to ventura: rincon

  • .K.
    1 month ago

    salton sea

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