Is the body jewelry from Claire’s good quality?

I got some nose studs from Claire’s. The package said they were sterling silver. I put one of them in earlier today and so far so good. (I guess we’ll see.)

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that Claire’s jewelry was cheap so I was just wondering what other people thought.

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  • ?
    9 days ago

    I’m not impressed with Claire’s nose jewelry. I bought a pack and the silver started tarnishing after just a few months. And I hate the nose bones because they are painful. Honestly, it’s best to go with the stainless steel.

    I found this website that sells body jewelry for really reasonable prices, I got 4 stainless steel nose hoops (all different kinds) plus shipping for less than $10. It’s called You can use the coupon code STUDENT to get 15% off too.

  • Juelz
    9 days ago

    Well the good quality jewelry is the jewelry that’s real metal as in sterling silver, stainless steal, white gold..

    The cheap ones are the ones that are just costume jewelry and aren’t made of real metal. These get rusty after awhile and lose there color.

  • Between the Buried and Me
    9 days ago

    I believe Claire’s only sells stainless steel for the studs, but you really should be using surgical steel (which Hot Topic does sell). I wouldn’t go to either place. Go to a local shop or order online from a reputable dealer who doesn’t sell garbage.

  • Lazer Eyes
    9 days ago

    No way. It is horrible.

    For body jewelry go to Hot Topic

    They do have cute girly stuff too. Just look on there website.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    make sure its surgical steel use that only i go to Claire’s to get my navel ring i had my navel Pierce for 4 year now and i never had an infection no rusty ring but make sure u get surgical steel

  • sexxxyymeeeee
    9 days ago

    nno wayyyy i got a belly ring and it was was turning green when i came back from the beach

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