is “take care” means “i love you” too?

i once asked my ex-bf if he still loves me because i really want him back…waht he did answer is just take care always…but he did once told me that when he says take care its the same way of saying i love you too…(but that is when we were still committed to each other)but now that were separated…what do you think? is it still the same?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    in some ways to take care means , make sure you handle yourself right they love you enough to make sure you don’t forget it

  • Chi Town Playa
    1 month ago

    No, not close. take care can means many things.

    1) can be that take care, that he doesnt want you back. Just leave him along.

    2) It can mean that he will get back at you at that one.

    3) It can means have a good day.

    Thats where i grew up, those 3 things can mean that. I can tell apart base of the situation, the context, and the tone of the voice.

    I love you too is being direct saying he loves you. Its a feeling. Take care can have nothing to do with feelings.

    base what i think, he say hes done with you. You should move on.

  • mowgligurl
    1 month ago

    this is quite tricky actually because if hes said that in the past well then obviously he knows it means something to you.

    but by saying that instead of the actual words seems to me like he has a bit of a commiment problem!

    do you love him?

    why dont you see if you can give things another go if thats what you want, but you did split up once so remember the reasons

  • mojosc
    1 month ago

    Take care NEVER means I love you

  • letthepartybeginnow
    1 month ago

    No take care doesn’t mean I love you. Take care means take care of yourself I wouldn’t want harm to come to you. I love you means I love you.

  • Belen
    1 month ago

    When he said “take care”, it meant just that literally – take care of yourself. If he wanted to tell you he loves you, he should have no problem saying those three words.

  • Francine
    6 days ago

    I told a friend to take care and he said to take care of myself. I use it as saying I care.

  • Kerrybobs
    1 month ago

    I think he cares about you because of what you once had but that is all. If he still loved you he would have said it.

    Time to move on hun maybe and meet someone who loves you x

  • Babe
    1 month ago

    no i wouldn’t take the word take care = i love you. It’s really not the same at all.

  • Quasimodo
    1 month ago

    Not in my book. ‘Take care’ means exactly that. Nothing more. You’re looking for something that isn’t there. Move on my dear, move on.

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