is reveries of love by frederico aguilar alcuaz an abstract painting?

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  • angela l
    10 hours ago

    Here are two definitions of an abstract painting just to make it very clear that Reveries of Love is not and abstract work but a realistic/naturalistic description of a woman lying on a couch. ;

    Abstract art is style of painting where color and form (and sometimes the materials and support) make up the subject of the painting rather than it representing tangible objects or people.

    An abstracted painting is one in which the subject is simplified or reduced to its essential forms, but where the viewer can ‘interpret’ it as having been derived from something ‘real’.…

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Aguilar Alcuaz

  • derfini
    10 hours ago

    How could it be ‘abstract’? It is a painting of a reclining woman. You could tell that if you looked at it.

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