Is “O Fortuna” in The Lord of the Rings?

We’re playing this from Carmina Burana in my band class and every one keeps calling me retarded but I swear to god…I’ve heard this in The Lord of te rings..possibly the two towers but I was hoping some one could clarify on this.

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  • girlmidgard
    8 days ago


    Just an afterthought….the words of the “O Fortuna” part of the Carmina Burana when translated are about hopelessness, but the music is so powerful and moving….the build up and crescendo and climactic end….always feels like battle and power victorious… different, the music from the words.

    Here’s your latin lesson for the day:

    O Fortuna,

    velut Luna

    statu variabilis,

    semper crescis

    aut decrescis;

    vita detestabilis

    nunc obdurat

    et tunc curat

    ludo mentis aciem;



    dissolvit ut glaciem.

    Sors immanis

    et inanis,

    rota tu volubilis,

    status malus,

    vana salus

    semper dissolubilis;


    et velata

    mihi quoque niteris;

    nunc per ludum

    dorsum nudum

    fero tui sceleris.

    Sors salutis

    et virtutis

    mihi nunc contraria;

    est affectus

    et defectus

    semper in angaria.

    hac in hora

    sine mora

    cordae pulsum tangite!

    quod per sortem

    sternit fortem,

    mecum omnes plangite!

    O Fortune, like the moon of ever changing state, you are always waxing or waning; hateful life now is brutal, now pampers our feelings with its game; poverty, power, it melts them like ice.

    Fate, savage and empty, you are a turning wheel, your position is uncertain, your favour is idle and always likely to disappear; covered in shadows and veiled you bear upon me too; now my back is naked through the sport of your wickedness.

    The chance of prosperity and of virtue is not now mine; whether willing or not, a man is always liable for Fortune’s service. At this hour without delay touch the strings! Because through luck she lays low the brave, all join with me in lamentation!

  • spare_widget
    8 days ago

    Carmina Burana used to be used in the Old Spice Adverts. Fraid it never made it to the Lord of The Rings trilogy – but it sounds very much as if it should have.

  • ioreth
    8 days ago

    Well, you’ve heard bits that sound like it. I’m sure every composer who has ever written music for action or power sequences in film listen to it for inspiration (and Wagner’s Ring stuff etc…). I hear homages in lots of films scores to the older classical composers.

    Howard shore wrote all of the music for the soundtrack(s).

  • Louise
    5 days ago


  • ?
    7 days ago

    I think you mean the song The Black Rider (starting with 1:10) from LR. It resembles very much

    I hope that is what you are looking for

  • ×Auryn×
    8 days ago

    No, it isn’t. Howard Shore made all of the soundtracks for the movies. 🙂

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