Is Moss living or non living?

Yeh :p

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  • leftcoastliz
    7 days ago

    Living. In the winter when we get our rain here, we may have moss growing between blocks of cement that make up the sidewalk & even in patterns on the ground. Also, there will definitely be moss in the forest. Then when it gets hot & dries up, the moss seems to die off. Of course, there’s also the moss in a pond. If it gets overgrown, then it may have to be cut back & removed because at times it seems to be always growing.

    Some people put different kinds of moss in their potted plants for different ornamental effects. Other times, moss grows in pots over the soil on its own, probably picked up from surrounding pots if not placed there intentionally by the nursery.

    Here are some more scientific discussions of moss in these links.…

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