Is it true that Lionel Andres Messi converted to Islam?

I heard that shocking gossip from one of Lionel Messi’s website,an unofficial website I think.But I’m not sure if it’s true,so,perhaps you guys know about it.Whatever it is,I will always support him,no matter what religion he is.Thanks for helping.

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  • Resonance
    1 month ago

    Please keep religion away from this.

    The only thing that matters is his wonderful performance, so do not be interested in such personal tips because frankly, it is none of our business.

    And i do not see anything to worry about if he did.

    Ribery, and most of the french team r Muslims, and u have seen how was their performance last wc.

    And he will still a good player , even better if this news r true.

    U will see.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Messi Religion

  • Alex
    7 days ago

    Sources have proven that Messi is still a Catholic but leave religion out of it Messi is the best in the World

  • cayetano
    6 days ago


  • wali
    4 days ago


  • Farzan
    5 days ago

    Islam means peace, everybody are welcome if it is messi or obama or michel jakson or mictyson or other football players every humanity needs Islam and accept the real reality which is only one creater which is allah not other gud .

  • charlie
    6 days ago

    Messi converted to islam? a very muslim lie…

  • ?
    7 days ago

    islam doesn’t need them.they need matter those famous guys are moslims or not.islam won’t be uplifted this way.but it would be a proud for moslims to have more friends and coreligionists.we welcome any one with open arms.islam is the religion of love and humanity.any brilliant person definitely loves islam and it’s extraordinary theories about humanity and love and peace…..

  • Zafar Shayan
    5 days ago

    People are making propaganda, I don’t know Messi is that much crazy to do that.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    I’m very happy if it true……………… because I’m really great fan of lionel messi.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    If its true then he found his way…at least his life isn’t useless now.

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