Is it possible to force oneself to wheeze by exhaling really hard?

I have never had a problem with wheezing. However, today when I exhaled really hard I heard a mild whistling sound come out. It doesn’t happen when I am normally breathing in and out, but I noticed that when I try to exhale really hard, a wheezing or whistling sound comes out at the end of my exhalation. Is that normal?

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  • Amanda S.
    1 month ago

    Yes it is! I am not referring to you when I say this. It is just based on experience, but people who force a wheeze while they are in the hospital are a big peeve for nurses and RT’s. I was once in a code in ER, and I received a page from one of the floors. I had someone call it for me. They told me that someone up there needed a treatment. I told them that they would have to wait until I was out of the code. I received 3 more pages and finally a nurse called the floor for me. The other nurse told me that I better hurry up to the floor and give a treatment before I had another code. I ran up to the floor and met up with the nurse. She told me that she could hear the pt wheezing from the door. I walked into the room and did not hear wheezing. As soon as the patient opened his eyes, he started wheezing. I became supscious. I listened to his lungs and they were fine. I listened to his neck and could hear the wheezing (that is how you can tell if they are faking it). I think I turned all shades of red. I was so upset with him for faking the wheeze and having me leave an emergency because he wanted attention. I told him to please stop making himself wheeze and he did. I asked him why he was doing that. He said because you were 20 minutes late with my treatment and I thought that was the only way to get you here. I told him what I was doing when I was received the pages for him. I told him that there were people in this hospital who were more critical then he was. Sorry for the long story but that is something that I think all of us RT’s have experienced at least once. You have no problem…. you can fake wheeze.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Wheezing On Exhalation

  • Lisa
    7 days ago

    I am glad that you said that……i just had a doctor at an ER in sturgis, michigan that told me that i was forcing myself to wheeze when i went in there with my chest hurting and congestion in my nose and a sore throat.,…..and she wouldnt do anything for me but when i left there i went to a different doctors office where the doctor actually did listen to my lungs and said that i was in fact wheezing and put me on an inhaler and gave me an antibiotic

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