Is it possible to fix Split AC without making a hole?

Our house owner is not accepting to drill a hole into the wall to fix the split AC, more over he advised me to sell the split and buy window AC because provision is there for Window Ac. Can anyone suggest?



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  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    If the owner don’t like to use the split ac then give him window ac.

  • elhigh
    9 days ago

    I’m assuming that when you say “fix,” you mean “install.” And no, you can’t install it without making a hole. It’s a pretty small hole, but it’s a hole nonetheless.

    Talk up the benefits of mini-split AC. Point out just how small the hole is. Point out that mini-split AC is generally much more efficient than any window AC and that once installed, the mini-split will probably be left in place even after you move – at which time it becomes an asset the landlord owns (if you choose to offer this option).

    And if none of these convince him, get the window AC. It’s going to be way cheaper than even the smallest mini-split and the landlord can’t stop you from taking it with you when/if you move.

  • V R
    9 days ago

    No. There has to be a duct between the external heat exchanger/ compressor and its internal part which sucks in the air from the room, treats it and sends back to you. Also, support structure has to be fixed in the house wall for the external unit which landlord may object. If he does not, maybe you can, bring the duct of your split in through some hole in a glass pane and replace at the time you vacate your house. He may agree.

    A window AC needs carpentry work to install, since it will need to be matched to the opening provided. You will also find it difficult to remove without damage to the window when relocating. So whichever one you buy, it is to be donated to landlord.

    Another issue landlord may have is the location of a power supply point which has the capacity to take the AC electrical loading. How were you planning to connect the split external unit?

    Only benefit with split AC is you can cool more than one area. If your area is small, better use the window unit as your landlord insists.

  • Laurie Gypsum
    9 days ago

    Split AC is going to need a hole somewhere to let the hoses through, so stick with the Window AC as the owner says. Otherwise the owner might hit you with a bill, or be annoyed at you.

  • Cowboy
    9 days ago

    nO. hOle has to be made.

    Go for Window AC.

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    u should us window AC

  • Laura
    5 days ago

    Joe is correct ……………… use wood glue and put it all around the broken piece . Put it into place and wipe off the excess with a damp cloth Don`t disturb it for 24 hours .

  • Ana
    9 days ago

    consult a electrician..

  • Arun
    9 days ago

    no way

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