Is it okay for a senior to date an 8th grader?

I met a really cute girl and I really like her a lot, the problem is that she’s in 8th grade, and I think it would be rather awkward. I’m going to my Senior year and she’s going into her 8th grade year.. so yeah.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Man,I wen through that last year with an 8th grader and I was only in 10th grade but it’s best just to be friends because when they are that young they are really immature ,you may think she is really mature for her age but it is best to just be friends and find out first if you realy want to date a girl that young and if she is mature and you really like her ,just go for it and see what happens.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    the two the guy has an rather undesirable imbalance of the concepts, or she is in lust. It can’t be love. What have they have been given in person-friendly? no longer something. different than in line with risk the intercourse to him is sweet and for her too. dating and marrying somebody lots older than her. They the two are actually not questioning clean in any respect. that’s a marriage doomed good from the get circulate. i think of that’s ill. No senior could be dating never concepts marrying an 8th grader. that’s rape. If this guy is eighteen, record him to the government (you do no longer could provide your call) they choose somebody who’s conscious of them to intrude in the past this marriage turns right into a farce. that’s already and extremely ill certainly. Even for the girl she is merely too youthful to be attentive to what the heck she is doing. good success

  • spacecowboytim
    1 month ago

    Anyone below high school is out of bounds, especially if youre a senior. Even if she is cute, she’s probably not real mature any way. At least date someone who is a freshman or higher.

  • Geez Louise
    1 month ago

    Why aren’t you dating girls your own age? What would you possibly have in common at this point? I have been told by other teenagers that guys that go after young girls is because they can’t get girls their own age to go out with him. If this is your case, figure out why these girls your own age won’t date and go from there. This girl is just that a cute little girl and you are asking for trouble!

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