Is it legal for a civilian to own handcuffs in Canada?

I have a friend who wants to make an independent film, and wants me to buy a pair of handcuffs online for him to use. I was looking at ebay to buy them. I was wondering is it legal for a civilian to own handcuffs in Canada? Specifically in the province of Saskatchewan? I cannot find any thing on google regarding this issue. Thanks.


Forgot to mention that the people selling them are from the USA.

Forgot to mention that the people selling them are from the USA.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It is illegal in Canada and even Security Guards have some restrictions on carry and use.~

    In Canada, private security falls under the jurisdiction of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories. All ten of Canada’s provinces and one of its territories (the Yukon) have legislation that regulates the contract security industry.[9] These eleven jurisdictions require that companies that provide security guard services and their employees be licensed.

    Most provinces in Canada regulate the use of handcuffs and weapons (such as firearms and batons) by contract security companies and their employees, either banning such use completely or permitting it only under certain circumstances.

    Canada’s federal laws also restrict the ability of security guards to be armed. For example, section 17 of Firearms Act makes it an offence for any person, including a security guard, to possess prohibited or restricted firearms (i.e. handguns) anywhere outside of his or her home.

    There are two exceptions to this prohibition found in sections 18 and 19 of the Act. Section 18 deals with transportation of firearms while Section 19 deals with allowing persons to carry such firearms on their persons to protect their lives or the lives of other persons, or for the performance of their occupation (Armour Car Guards, Licensed Trappers), provided an Authorization to Carry (ATC) is first obtained. ~~~

  • moretto
    4 days ago

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  • northernhick
    1 month ago

    I know of no authority restricting possession of handcuffs. The only place the term “handcuff” occurs in Saskatchewan statutes or regulations are in the uniform regulations requiring police to carry them. Same with Manitoba. In Ontario, there’s a restriction that security guards can’t *use* them unless they are issued by the employer (and employers who issue handcuffs are required to take steps to ensure proper training and use).

    (Mind you, actually *restraining* people without consent is, under most circumstances, illegal.)

    As for importing them from the U.S…I’m not seeing any categories of CBSA restrictions that would appear to capture them, but I might call the CBSA first, just to be on the safe side.

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