Is it illegal to put a chain across a driveway?

I just been to a house that had a chain across the driveway, it wasn’t visible as it was nightime, I’ve pulled on the drive and the chain has ripped my car to shreds. Can I sue the owner of the house?

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    What? you want to sue someone for your own stupidity?

    Go ahead – it will be laughed out of court.

    If the chain was across a private driveway then what were you doing going onto it for one thing and secondly, did you have your eyes closed and headlights off?

    Also…. Ripped your car to shreds? how. You would have noticed the resistance well before the chain got to ripping anything.

  • hundson
    4 days ago

    Driveway Chains

  • laughing_stock
    1 month ago

    why did you park in someone else’s car park. that person had a reason to put that chain there but not for the purpose for your use. so if you do sue him, what evidence is there that he did put that chain there on purpose so that he could shred your car? the owner of the house would come up with his own reason e.g. the only reason why I put chains on my driveway was so that others won’t park IN my driveway without permission

  • Friendly Stranger..
    1 month ago

    No. You can put a chain in your drive way if your intention is to keep others off of your property. The person likely wanted to keep individuals out of their driveway because it is private property. This is your fault because you didn’t catch on to the fact that this was a private entrance. Also you should have payed more attention to your surroundings even though it was night time. The point is, you have no grounds to sue because this was your own fault, and having your property deemed private is not against the law.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s just the same as having a gate across the driveway. As the driver of the vehicle, you are responsible for ensuring that you do not hit anything. If you failed to spot the chain, that’s your own fault and you should deal with the aftermath yourself.

  • indeed632003
    1 month ago

    ARE YOU NUTS???????? you are either nuts or having a laugh. had you hit the chain across my drive, assuming you were there without an invite, i would be claiming damages off of you. heres some sound advice,…. in future drive with your eyes open and get a life and stop looking for a free ride off someone elses money.

  • OverRuled23
    1 month ago

    Case Dismissed. You have no case.

    If you were invited, I’m sure that person would have taken that chain down in aticipation of your visit.

    If you weren’t invited, consider yourself Tresspassing on Private Property and you got the consequences.

    If it “ripped your car to shreds”……how did you drive away….?!

    “Defense Rests.”

  • milici
    5 days ago

    It’s unlawful to park in front of a dropped kerb and deny get right of entry to to a single belongings, to handle this call your community Council, no longer the Police. The council will deliver out a parking warder who will situation a mounted penalty nice. whether in the journey that your dropped kerb helps get right of entry to to extra desirable than one belongings, it is not an offence to park in front of it. you should additionally evaluate that any markings (yellow strains and so on.) take president over a dropped kerb and the council will prosecute or situation an outstanding to the “extra desirable evil”. It’s additionally very no longer effortless to get automobiles that purely park in front of your force for a little while dealt with, till it’s at particular cases each and daily.

  • Who is Jack….
    1 month ago

    Didn’t you have lights on? Why were you not paying attention? What if it wasn’t a chain but say a drunk lying on the ground? I would say learn from your mistake and pay attention and don’t try to shift the blame to the house owner.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, it’s a private driveway. They can do what they want with it. You shouldn’t have pulled in their driveway then. Why do people these days just sue for EVERYTHING???

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