Is it appropriate for a Buddhist to wear a necklace of Buddha?

I only ask because I know it’s inappropriate to get Buddha tattooed and use him as decoration around the house. So therefore, would it be okay to wear a necklace with a pendant of Buddha? or is that disrespectful?

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  • 1Up
    7 days ago

    It is more normal to have symbols on jewelry, such as the eternal knot or the eight-spoked wheel.

    You could have a very stylized sitting buddha, rather than a realistic one.

    Generally, the images of the buddha are for contemplation on his life and teachings, and not for decoration.

    Of course, Buddhism is very much a personal religion, and not very dogmatic, so other Buddhists are not very likely to be offended by someone wearing one.


    If you are buying a gift for someone, I would go with symbols and more stylized depictions, rather than realistic forms.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    I do not consider myself to be a “fake” or “ignorant” Buddhist. I wear a Buddha Pendant..hand cast by Buddhist Monks from Tibet, mind you. I do not wear it as adornment or as “decoration”. It is worn as a reminder of how I should live my life and dedicate it to others. It really depends on the intent of which you wear it. True Buddhists would not act as to avoid Karma, but because they see a part of themselves in others. My pendant is very personal to me and I do not share it with anyone. It is for my purposes to use as a point of reflection.

  • kacvinsky
    5 days ago

    Buddhist Necklace

  • The Empty One
    7 days ago

    When you get right down to the Buddha’s teachings, no it is not appropriate. The Buddha taught against adorning the body with jewelry or garlands (see: the 7th precept) because such things lead to greed and passion, which is detrimental to the path. Disrespect is more of a cultural issue.

    In Thailand, due to corruption of the teachings, some Buddhists wear amulets with Buddha images quite often. It’s all additional and based in superstition and is not supported by any authentic Buddhist teaching.

    However, beings may do as they like. We must not look down on others for their unwholesome behavior. They are responsible for their own suffering. When we express disapproval towards others due to their behavior, we only create stress for ourselves through aversion, subtle or gross.

  • benmiami
    7 days ago

    It is not disrespectful. I wear one with the intention of seeing the Buddha necklace would remind me of the Buddha in all of us. I practice Pure Land Buddhism by the way.

  • BuddhaLord
    7 days ago

    You can use Buddha image as a decoration , no one stops you , because you have freedom, legally.

    But apart from that if you want to evoke a spiritual guidance from the remembrance , first you should study what he said and above all practice the morality – No killing (not even hurting), No intoxicants, No sexual misconduct, no stealing and no lies. And do the meditation of removal of emotions & thoughts from mind , watching natural phenomenon within in order to rise above .

    Even if you start to practice these , the image will make you remember all these.

  • Fake Genius
    7 days ago

    many people in Buddhist countries wear charms etc

    real Buddhists don’t do that. only ignorant Buddhists do that. they are cultural things outside Buddhism.…

    something like this is fine…

  • Danibel
    7 days ago

    It is.

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