Is Heiwajima Shizuo really dead? ; д ;?

Because I’m going to be seriously sad if he is… hahaha. Like in the last episode of Durarara!! he got shot a few times? Just wondering if anyone knows if he’s legit dead or not. Spoilers much appreciated. Haah.

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  • twostepGLITCH
    1 month ago

    Remember what the guy said before running off? “Blame Kida Masaomi for this order!”

    That doesn’t sound like something you’d say to a dying man. That sounds like something you’d say to a man you’d greatly anger while getting him to go after someone you want killed.

    In other words: the shooter, Horada, wants to overthrow Kida from his leadership position in the gang. He’s been very insubordinate for quite a while now, and what better way to have Kida taken out than by getting Shizuo angry at him? It’s pretty unlikely they shot Shizuo to kill him, but just to get him angry enough to go after Kida by saying it was a call on his orders.

  • rotner
    5 days ago

    Heiwajima Shizuo

  • Ken
    1 month ago

    Finally get to see our Shizuo, only for him to get shot! Fear not however, he is indestructable.;)

    I’m totally confident he will be alright.

    This was quite nice episode, but Mikado…disbanded DOLLARS…darn…maybe they will be more safe now (Yellows Scarves is getting worse)

    Two…only two episodes…MUST NOT GO SHIZZY ON COMP!!! >X3

  • Rafi Light
    5 days ago

    not in that part..he gets up right after! but he might he is going all in fight with izaya right now…izaya wants to finish him off too…they both said good bye to each other…. cant wait for whats gonna happen next…i wish Shizou rips izayas hand off 😛

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