Is Gelatin Crosspolymer suitable for vegetarians?

I recently purchased ‘Sure Women Cool Pink’ spray on deodorant and I noticed one of it’s ingredients was ‘Gelatin Crosspolymer’. I’m a vegetarian and therefore don’t consume gelatine, and was just wondering if this was a synthetic gelatine or an animal product.

Thanks in advance!

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  • freeyourself1anarchist
    1 month ago

    There is no synthetic or vegan gelatin of any sort. I would avoid that deodorant because even if it didn’t have gelatin it would probably still be tested on animals who are abused and exploited in these experiments for these products which aren’t really safe or helpful to us anyway. Look for the Leaping Bunny Logo: but also check ingredients to be sure.

    If you are in the UK (which it sounds like you might be) this is a great resource to help you out:

    I personally use: J/A/S/O/N/ (I got ’em free so I wasn’t giving money to Hain Celestial) but I also have a Thai Crystal (and that is nice) and have heard good things about Desert Essences deodorant (I use their shampoo and conditioners and love them)

    You do want to avoid anti-perspirants because those aren’t good for your body as your body needs to sweat and it is a natural process. You can also just use essential oils which I do on occasion.

  • veggurl21
    1 month ago

    Wait…who makes Sure? It might be made by a company who tests on animals! I would research that but that’s just me….back to your question….I read labels and try to buy items not tested on animals and look for cruelty free and natural products so I probably would not buy this so therefore I’m not really sure about that ingredient but I can say that I have never seen it in any products I’ve ever bought but my guess would be that it is real…good luck.

  • evileye05477
    1 month ago

    Unless it expressly says “vegan” on the side you have no way of knowing. I’d call the manufacturer’s help line.

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