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Hi there. I am trying to few movies online using my usual websites but now one website has started linking me to this website? Its asks you to put in your Card details but you will not get charged as its free? I am just wondering if anybody out there has used or if anybody advises against putting in card details? Thanks!

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  • Willis Sr.
    1 month ago


  • ladybug
    6 days ago

    The site clearly states that this is a free trial period, and that if you do not cancel your service after 5 days your card will be charged. This is NOT a free service.

  • Nitin
    5 days ago

    Not at all. It is a cheater company. No one should trust this website.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    this is the same thing as , also known to be a ripoff scam. NOT FREE !

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