Is buya marketplace legit?

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  • Jake
    7 days ago

    95% automated ‘trust’ ranking.

    The name has been around for over 10 years, he has owned other sites including:



    3. (expired)

    Didn’t see obvious scam complaints, their own press release says “one of the safest ways to buy”

  • Dustin
    6 days ago

    The marketplace is full of pawn shops, many of which DO NOT offer any sort of return policy. I purchased a surround sound system from Pawn1st in Gilbert, AZ. The item that was shipped to me contained speakers that did not go with the system, and was missing multiple wires. On top of this, the speakers that were hooked up didn’t work (aside from the subwoofer, which omitted some sound). I had to pay $40 out of pocket just to get my $175 back because Pawn1st refused to pay for my shipping.

    My recommendation: Choose Amazon, WalMart, Best Buy, etc. There is a reason you have never heard of The possibility of saving a few dollars isn’t worth the risk and potential headache that comes with ordering from

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Buya Com

  • joeytennessee
    7 days ago

    not so far.. i ordered a camcorder on june 30. on july 1 they sent me a confirmation email saying it shipped and should recieve by july 5th. today is july 7th i called them and they said it hasnt shipped yet and that their system sends out automatic emails saying items ship when really they dont. i asked why it took so long to ship item. and they said it took time to process and 4th of july slowed them down. i think they are giving me runaround and i may never see camera. will report back. [email protected]

  • ?
    7 days ago

    i think its good im about to press the buy button on a PlayStation 3 wish me luck

  • Michael
    5 days ago

    Yeah, It s run by pawn shops. It s the eBay of pawn shops. I built a website for one of the sellers. (Great store btw)

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