Is Burlington Coat Factory a thrift store?

is burlington coat factory a thrift store and if you have shopped there before do you like the store?

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  • star
    9 days ago

    No, it is not. A thrift store is more like Salvation Army or Goodwill. Burlington is more comparable to Ross or Marshall’s. I love shopping at Burlington 🙂

  • gabor
    4 days ago

    Burlington Coat Factory Raleigh

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    No it’s not a thrift store. It’s kind of like Marshalls, TJ Maxx,or Ross. You can find all kinds of cute discounted shoes and clothes there at times. Not to mention coats.

  • Thankful_to^
    9 days ago

    No its a department store just as Marshall’s ,TJMax, ajwright and all of those. The items are from last season items from the previous year that did not sell elsewhere.Burlington take advantages of these opportunities buying quality clothes for cheap & selling for a even better price. The cloths are not used just from last season……thats so minor who cares in less you insist on buying a wardrobe every year. I shop there and save a lot of $$$$

  • Leo D
    9 days ago

    No. Thrift stores sell used stuff. BCF has new stuff at low prices. Some days you find amazing stuff, others not, but the prices are good.

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