Is baby powder fatal to dogs?

my dog chewed a baby powder bottle tonight and it got everywhere, im not sure if she swallowed it but it was all over her nose. If she did swallow it can she get sick or maybe even die? Please respond

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  • Lizzie
    1 month ago

    It is far more dangerous if your dog ingested some of the baby powder plastic bottle. Bits of plastic could cause a blockage in his intestinal tract, requiring emergency surgery to save his life. If he begins vomiting, can’t or won’t eat and has no bowel movements, RUSH him to a vet.

    I don’t think he would have eaten much of the spilled powder. He may get some irritation in his eyes or nose but unless he inhaled a LOT, I don’t think it would be a problem.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Chocolate,caffiene,grapes, digitalis/foxglove plants,poinsettia plants,cooked bones can splinter and cause internal damage, fatty table scraps can cause fatal problems in dogs with pancreatic problems,alcohol, some sugar substitutes ,large amounts of raw oinions and garlic are toxic to dogs…….

  • Somnium Angelous
    1 month ago

    She might have a bit of a sniffle/cough if she inhaled some but it is not fatal at all.

    We use it when we groom all our toy breed fosters- helps keep the yorkies from feeling greasy and keeps them from matting.

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