Is baby oil a good thing to use to make your tires shine?

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  • cimra
    1 month ago

    Any kind of oil is bad for rubber, the tire shine compounds are usually based on silicone which will not attack rubber as mineral oil can.

  • CactiJoe
    1 month ago

    Or Vasoline. Only thing that was around in the old days and when the Berlin Wall was still standing that’s what Uncle Sam had the US soldiers put on the tires of the old 2&1/2 ton truck tires to make them look new all of the time. As if the East Germans/Ruskies were talking about the “nice shiny tires” on the American trucks over dinner every night.

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No. Don’t put oil of any kind on your tires. It will harm the compounds in the rubber. If you want them to shine there are a few manufacturers of tire treatments you can purchase. Some are slightly shiny and some are very shiny. Choose the style that you like best.

  • GibsonEssGee
    1 month ago

    No, use tire wall black. Or if you are a on a budget some of that sponge on a bottle black liquid shoe polish. Baby oil would smell something awful and probably wouldn’t do the tire rubber any good.

  • mike p
    1 month ago

    Years ago before products like Armor all, we used to use a half and half mixture of hot water and pancake syrup to make the tires shine.

  • Len
    1 month ago

    Oil is not a good thing to put on rubber. It won’t damage the structure but may not leave them looking good for long. May even make them look worse over time.

  • NationwideKia
    1 month ago

    No, use Armorall or TireShine.

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