is aberdeen academy a legit on line school?

want to know if this is a legit online high school

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    1 month ago

    No this is a complete scam their Accreditation is NONE EXISTENT (American Accreditation Council for Higher Education). and if a high schools only charge 200 dollars you should know it’s a scam because Regionally Accredited High School charge at least 900 dollars for a high school diploma…..But if you are looking for a cheap High School Program then Ashworth High School or James Madison High School is the school i went to and only paid 500 after i got discounted for my transfer Credits.and they are Nationally and Regionally Accredited by SACS

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    4 days ago

    Aberdeen Academy High School Location

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    5 days ago

    You say you were not rejected by any colleges, so I assume you were accepted? If so, you have college classes on record now, so who cares about High School? An Education is far more important than a diploma. There are many in this country with a Public School diploma who have never received an education. Given the choice between the two, I’ll take the education any day.

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