Is a racoonpossum hybrid possible?

I know I saw one this morning! It had a racoons head and its face looked exactly like a racoons, I thought it was a racoon until I seen its body as it walked away.Its body hair was brown and really puffy.

Overall it looked more like a racoon, but the tail had no hair at all, it was just a skinny hairless tail like a possums.

Would a hybrid be possible or just a freak racoon?

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  • ?
    10 hours ago

    Hybrids aren’t possible, I’m afraid. Raccoons and possums are two species as distantly related as you can get with mammals. Possums are of course marsupials like kangaroos and koalas; a pouched, primitive mammal. Raccoons are placental mammals, meaning they give birth to more or less fully formed young.

    Both marsupials and placental mammals have been separate since before the death of the dinosaurs.

    You probably just saw a raccoon with mange on its tail, or a wound.

  • Bozwell
    6 days ago

    Yes, it’s possible but rare. Possums are marsupials and related to kangaroos with pouches and raccoons are actually related to bears from the Procyon genus.. They are two entirely different species, however, occasionally the two may mate in the wild and produce mostly infertile Possoons.

  • Laura
    5 days ago

    I saw this too, in Miami Florida by a key Biscayne park. Literally just how you described. Body and walk of a possum and face of a raccoon

  • Dakota Rising
    10 hours ago

    No it is not. I am assuming you mean opossum , as possums are very different and are only found in Australia.Opossums are from the family Didelphidae , while raccoons are from the family Procyonidae. If you are referring to possums, not opossum , then it is still not possible.

  • Rockit Bug
    10 hours ago

    No it’s not, Raccoons and Opossums are not closely related enough to breed, Raccons are Placental Mammals while Opposums are Marsupials. It was probably just a Raccoon that just happened not to have fur on its tail.

  • socalreader
    5 days ago

    There is an animal that I saw today in Costa Ruca that sounds like what you saw. It’s called a Coati or Coatimundi. Look that up and see if it’s what you saw.

  • JRR
    10 hours ago

    It sound like you saw a raccoon with mange. Yes you saw a freak raccoon.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    No, it is not possible.

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