Is a china cove jacket from hollister the same as a wolf jaw from abercombie and fitch?

I got a china cove jacket online from hollister when they were having the massive winter cleanance sell, I love my jacket, but i was wondering does a china cove feel like a wolf jaw or is the wolf jaw a kinda lighter jacket. I wanted a wolf jaw before i wanted the china cove but the china cove was cheaper, i know their both different jackets, duh, the logos but are they really different from each other???? which ones a better jacket???

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  • Ryan E
    1 month ago

    Hollister china cove are 72% cotton/28% polyester, faux fur-lined interior, applique and embroidery graphics, kangaroo pockets, logo embossed grommets, Vintage Hollister Wash, Classic Fit.

    while Abercrombie wolf jaw 85% soft suede cotton/15% polyester, Super soft,

    lined with soft faux fur, rugged distressed applique,

    sturdy metal zipper, ribbed trims,

    Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit

  • ?
    5 days ago

    i in my opinion like the Hollister china cove hoodie more desirable advantageous than the Abercrombie and Fitch wolf jaw hoodie. i do not see a large difference between both as well the trademarks, yet in my eyes Hollister has a larger high quality.

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