Ironing graduation gown/stole???

I assume I am supposed to use a towel over top…but i’m not totally sure and the last thing i need is to ruin either of the 2!!

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  • Rachel :]
    1 month ago

    I was told that you’re supposed to hang them in your bathroom when you shower and the steam from the hot water will take the wrinkles out =)

    good luck!

  • A W
    1 month ago

    I didn’t even chance it with mine. I hung it in the bathroom, turned the hot water on high, and shut the door for 20 minutes. It steamed the wrinkles right out.

  • no name now.
    1 month ago

    if ur unsure, i honestly thing u should just neatly wrap it up and put it away, dont iron it, if ur so unsure call the company that supplied the gown.

  • kelly y
    1 month ago

    towel and low heat! they can melt!

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