Im 17 and I just got my first speeding ticket. How should I tell my parents?

I was going 89 in a 65 zone. I have to appear in court in 10 days or else I will have a warrant out for my arrest. loll.. its not funny, but then it kinda is lol.. I

have never had any tickets or anything since I got my license (2 years now) Im afraid to

see how they will react


How could I tell my parents?

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  • DAD
    1 month ago

    Mom, Dad, oops !

    Then I hope they pull your driving privileges for 6 mo’s because no one should be going 24mph over the limit, your lucky it wasn’t 26 over or the judge would pull your DL.

  • Madison
    1 month ago

    Going 89 in a 65 zone is not the smartest idea, but that’s beside the point. Unfortunately, if you have to appear in court, there is no way around confessing what has happened to your parents. Since you have never had a speeding ticket before, they may not be as upset as you imagine they will be. Decide which one of your parents is least likely to have an explosive reaction to this news, pick a good time (maybe when the two of you are alone), and just tell them honestly what happened. Admit that you made a mistake. It may help to ask them to share any experiences they might have had with speeding tickets in the past. Good luck, and I hope this helps you out.

  • the dirty liberal
    1 month ago

    Just work it out and pay the fines. Where I live we have a thing called “teen court”, which is part of the court run by teenagers for things like speeding tickets. It’s a bit easier but at the same time, it is run by teenagers, so it’s not exactly the least biased (I had a friend who got a speeding ticket, and he got pretty f**ked over by it, probably because he pissed one of the court people off earlier). I don’t know if you have that option or not, but you might want to consider it. If you don’t have that option, you might want to offer to pay the difference in your insurance rates (tickets make those go up quite a bit).

    It’s quite a bit of fun, though, isn’t it? I used to drive that fast out on the interstates when I still had my learner’s permit and everyone else in the car was asleep. I’ve been driving since I was 15 (I’m 17 now) and I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. My parents would kill me if I got a ticket, though. We’re kinda stressed out and couldn’t afford something like that. The only reason I’m really supposed to drive is to run errands and stuff like that. Good luck!

  • Stuart
    1 month ago

    You don’t say what state you’re in, but you do say: “…I was going 89 in a 65 zone…its not funny, but then it kinda is lol…”

    Here’s some news: in most states, 24 mph over the speed limit is reckless driving. For you, that means that it changed from being a simple speeding ticket to being a crime. The court will have the final say, of course, but be prepared to pay a large fine and possibly be put on probation as well as possibly having your drivers license suspended.

    For your parents, that means that their insurance policy is going to get very expensive for quite a while. When the insurance company pulls up that ticket, they will jack up the premiums substantially.

    If I were you, I’d just tell them. “I got a speeding ticket and have to appear in court.”

    You think it’s kinda funny? Betcha don’t in ten days. Seriously betcha don’t.

    – Stuart

  • 2179
    1 month ago

    You are going to have to let them know…You have to appear in court, will have this on your license and may have to have a parent with you when you appear? If you were my child, you would definitely hear from me about going 89 mph ~ It’s easier than you think to lose control of your car at that speed even for an experienced driver much less one that is only 17 yr old. I suggest you begin keeping within the speed zones for your safety as well as other innocent drivers.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I was the same age when I got mine, and I was freaking out about what my parents say. Where I live you don’t have to go to court or anything, and the cop was really nice since it was my first one. He told me to go to a safe driving presentation thing and I would be off the hook. I just told them. Like ‘how was your day hun?” ‘I got an effing speeding ticket’…she was pleased that I got the option to go to the presentation.

  • MomPerson
    1 month ago

    Tell your parents immediately. If they get mad at you, well you deserve it. You risked your life, the life and property of others and now your parents are going to be embarrassed, inconvenienced, and financially responsible for what you are privately chuckling about. I hope they take your keys away from you and don’t return them until your ready to leave for college. You have proven to them that you are not responsible enough to drive. If this is viewed as a crime it is going to get very expensive. If you are lucky enough to get off as just a misdemeanor you may be able to take an online class to keep it off your insurance rates. My adult daughter died in an automobile accident, and I can’t find a chuckle in here for you. I think you are a jerk.

  • Poohcat1
    1 month ago

    Just tell them the truth. They are going to find out anyway and it will be far easier on you if you tell them and not have the courts tell them. Admit your mistake and take whatever punishment they decide to dole out (with the exception of physical force). I expect they will also make you earn the money to pay your fine.

  • firewomen
    1 month ago

    Mon, Dad I received a speeding ticket. I am so sorry and I will pay any fines.

  • BannyD
    1 month ago

    Just be strait forward. I’m sure it would be better that you told them than to have a police officer looking for you. Being honest with parents is a huge plus. People screw up, but fessing up to it makes you look more responsible.

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