if your taking a break… in relationship…?

if your “taking a break” or cool off for 2 weeks and a half in relationship are you guys still together?

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  • Krissy
    1 month ago

    Of course, “taking a break” is the promise of getting back together when the break is over.

    If you really want to call things off, state you want to date other people. You possibly can remain friends if it’s amicable.

    Taking a break is not talking to each other for a few days and not seeing each other during that time.

    Don’t mince words.

    State exactly, calmly, and cooly want you expect to happen.

    Trying to be nice can backfire, especially if you say something you don’t mean.

  • ?
    5 days ago


  • Cursed_Romantic
    1 month ago

    In my view you are still in the relationship. Just because you are taking a break from spending time together or doing couple stuff, by no means does it mean you are broken up. So indeed its not cool to sleep around with other people or even just hang out with friends or whomever that might tempt you to sleep with them. Because the whole purpose of the break is to think about the things that you would like to fix in the relationship and how you would like to fix them. Not only that its a mini deciding factor rather you wish to continue on with the relationship or not. In other words, its like the dating version of a seperation. But usually if people can’t work out their differences over the break they just break up. Where as with the seperation couples really drag that out for ages, I don’t know why, because if you aren’t going back to the person you are seperated from you should let them totally free. But that is a different issue. Just keep in mind when you are on a break its a temporary time apart to figure out your issues and if you wish to continue on with the relationship.

    P.S. major rule of the break is to not contact the other person until you have given each other a reasonable amount of time to think over the relationship and come to their own conclusions. So best to agree on meeting up after 3 weeks or something to figure out what the both of you have come up with. But do not under any circumstances call the other person if you miss them. Because once emotion gets involved that is the only thing that would draw you and your partner back together and the issues would still not be solved. Thats how you end up with on again, off again relationships. Rather sucky situation it would all be.

  • wblemonade
    1 month ago

    This is so reminiscent of Ross and Rachel. A break is a break. It’s no different as if you were in different locations for a period of time. Just means that one or both of you need space to redefine the relationship. If at the end of that time one decides to leave the relationship it’s over. The question is do you want to be together? or do you want to be over? But let’s be honest. If you chose to see other people by dating then you are asking for huge problems if ya’ll end up back together.

  • DVJ Rick Kraft
    1 month ago

    Taking a break means “not together”. Some people see this as an opportunity to clear their heads and fix things, others see this as freedom and head down to the local pick-up spot for action (as much guys do this as girls do…) If you are taking a break, it’s usually due to some issues that you’re having. If you figure you can work them out, i’d suggest not leaving it too long as most “breaks” end up to be permanent. Try to work it out. Good luck 🙂

  • HaiLeY
    1 month ago

    i think the relationship would be healthier if the break was completely away from that person. Just do other things with other people. It’s okay to talk to them and spend some time with them… but seriously, back off on the normal time that yall had together and you will see how much better the relationship is once yall get back togther

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes and no…..the relationship is “on hold”, you can go out with friends but supposedly not in a specific with a guy…..you suppose to have a relationship, like I said “on hold”.

    You don’t mention “specifics”, so I am not sure if an advise of just forget him is applicable or viceversa. It depends on the causes of “the break”.

    Just wait for the 2.5 weeks and if you guys talk again, it depends here if you feel like going back or him to go back with you.

    Something that I admire in girls is that they are strong and they let go when the guy is not the right one.

    Your relationship could become stronger now, if maybe you guys missed each other or…..not.

    Wait and see, let’s wait for the outcome when you guys talk.

    BUT, if in this “break”, you found out that he went out with a specific girl………..I would forget him.

    Good luck for both!!

  • ?
    5 days ago

    No, taking breaks in relationships do no longer continually injury a relationship; if this is meant to be, sometime it is going to come complete circle… yet, that reported… once you’re bored with chasing after him, then stop doing it! If he’s pushing you away, do no longer enable him push – You do the walking! If he’s flirting with different women and did no longer do something for you on Valentine’s day, it’s time to bypass on. there is something greater helpful for you accessible! do no longer waste anymore time in this guy! he’s moving on, coach him that this is additionally possible to! specific, this is unhappy and no, it is not concern-free, yet be stable and do it! there’ll come a time once you will look lower back and be happy you probably did! I promise!

  • Tamara
    1 month ago

    Taking a break is breaking up! If you date others during that time you can expect it to cause problems when you get back together!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It depends.. sometimes people say that to end the relationship but sometimes its really just to take a break.. i think its a time to think about whether or not u want to end the relationship and maybe experiment with other people. hope this helped!! good luck!!=]

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