if you have a bad rental history in one state will that carry over to another state?

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  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    It depends on a few factors. Even if you do not disclose your prior rental history, it can be found out. Many apt complexes will check your credit report, so if you were sued and a public record (judgement) shows on your credit report, then obviously they will know, no matter what state you move to. And, secondly, many apt complexes are also using a third party background check that does more than just pull your credit report. Many of these third party agencies will also comb public court records for your name and give any lawsuits to your new potential landlord. So, even if your prior landlord took you to court for an eviction processes, but didn’t get a judgement and nothing shows on your credit report, you can still be denied because a background check of court records shows that you were sued by a prior landlord for lack of payment, or went through the eviction process for another reason. Your state of resident will have no basis in any of this. It’s all public records available through Lexus Nexus, which collects this information. So, you need to make sure your credit report is clean AND that you didnt go through any court proceedings, like a hearing at the magistrate. Of course, not all apt complexes do this, but the larger ones typically do now. Your best option is to find a private renter with a small apt complex that will probably not do an extremely thorough background check and will only check your references.

  • Othniel
    9 days ago

    You may find an inexperienced landlord who will not do a credit check or research for evictions and criminal convictions. However, you may just want to be totally up front with a new landlord as to your past. Sometimes honesty goes a long way toward establishing trust, but you would want to be very careful and be a model tenant. If you haven’t changed your ways then landlords in the slums are used to dealing with deadbeats and all kinds of people. With them you can probably work out a rental arrangement.

  • Silly Goose
    9 days ago

    1. A landlord will ask about your old place.

    They will call and ask questions.

    If they cannot contact old landlord for a reference, they may pass you up for the next applicant that comes along.

    2. If this is showing up on your credit reports. The new landlord will know.

    Check them all free once a year at

    annual credit report.com https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp

    Leave your credit /debit card in your wallet. Not needed at all. Score is useless.

  • Slickterp
    9 days ago

    There is no central database anywhere, LL’s only know what you tell them or is in yoru credit or court record.

  • linkus86
    9 days ago

    Any evictions or unresolved judgements from previous landlords, will follow you where ever you go.

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