Identity and self-esteem can rarely be found in the workplace.

True/False Questions

  1. Identity and self-esteem can rarely be found in the workplace. (T or F)
  2. Through work, economic self- sufficiency can be found. (T or F)
  3. Work serves a social function in society. ( T or F)
  4. One area where we clearly see technological change at work is in the field of robotics, (T or F)
  5. White females have historically dominated the American economic workforce. (T or F)
  6. Over the last decade, Japan experienced an 8.5 percent annual growth rate in manufacturing productivity. (T or F)
  7. When managers oversee the work of their subordinates, it is called controlling. (T or F)
  8. A concern of micro-organizational behavior is the behavior of individuals and groups. (T or F)

1 Answers

  • Nancie Center
    82 days ago

    1. False. Identify and self esteem can be found in most of the workplaces.

    2. True. Work results in economic self sufficiency.

    3. True- Society works as a system of components working together. Work leads to functioning of social institutions which bring order and sustainability.

    4. True. One can see technological change in the field of robotics.

    5. false. Workforce has been traditionally dominated by white males.

    6. False. Japan's productivity rate in past decades has been around 2%.

    7. False. The act of overseeing by a manager is called supervision.

    8. True. Micro organisational behaviour is concerned with individuals and groups while macro organisational behaviour is related to organisation level issues.

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