I wanted to know if Amul Taaza is buffalo milk or cow’s milk.?

Pls give correct answer as its for my 1yr old son. I am bit confused with it

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  • Brett
    1 month ago

    I think is Amul taaza is cow milk & right for your son because amul milk is a light & not heavey milk .ok so don’t confussed wit it.

  • Tapash
    7 days ago

    AMUL tazza is mixed milk product . Milk is mix of cow and Buffalo . This is normal tendency for both Mother dairy and AMUL .

    I am 200 % sure becuase I am working in this line and in discussion with their Quality team.

    There are some company coming up with 100% certified COW milk.

  • Betty
    5 days ago

    If you believe in Amul… then amul taaza is cow milk and amul gold is buffalo milk

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Cow Milk.

  • friend
    1 month ago

    if u see the packet it is written that its cow milk or buffalow…or u can see the picture of cow…the amul taaza milk from paper bag its preserved one..so not good for kids..but milk from plastic bag its good for kids…like in Kolkata Mother Diary,Amul,are 2types like cow milk( if u will see its written that cow milk with photo)..and another is plain milk means buffallow…

    so if it is possible to see the packet and but only cow milk by asking the shop owner..

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    hello father of 1yr old. well amul tazza is neither cow’s nor buffalo’s its a goat milk but you dont worry because upte 1 yr children should be given mothers milk so dont give him amul milk you moron hope you are benifited by my answer.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Mother Dairy Milk Packet

  • Mukund
    5 days ago

    but most important is it type A1 or A2? milk? as A1 milk is not suitable for drinking its milked from Holsteins and Friesians (black and white cows), our desi India cows produce A1 milk which is healthy for all age group.

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