I want to know english translation for a tamil word?

please let me know the correct english word for annadhanam (Supply of free food )

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    donating food:)

  • bijja
    1 month ago

    There are no exact English words for such Indian words, though free food sounds equivalent and conveys the meaning.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Palm tree – 1.Tap Toddy – Apply Chunnambu it becomes Padhaneer – Palm Sugar is from Padhaneer 2. If no tapping it becomes Nungu – 3. If Nungu not plucked it becomes Palm fruit (PANAM PAZHAM) 4. If PANAM PAZHAM is sown it gives eatable roots – Panang Kizhangu. It still continues…………. * Something unusual happens whenever a particular person comes.This is tantamount to a saying in Tamil “a palm fruit falling when a crow sits on it”.The fruit is on the verge of falling and it happens coincidentally when crow sits on it”.Crow will be thinking the fruit falls because of its weight. *PANAM PAZHAM’ in Tamil means a muff or a joker. Such a PANAM PAZHAM has given a “Thumbs Down’ to my answer for reasons known only to him. Scientific Name is ‘Borassus akeassii’

  • Jikri
    1 month ago

    giving food

  • maheshwari p
    1 month ago

    donating food and food items

  • Pathinathan K
    1 month ago

    charity-food/charitable food/food for charity

  • Visvesh Baabu
    4 days ago

    Feeding the poor

  • mottu
    1 month ago

    hahaha u have the answer with you, it means FREE MEAL OR OFFERING MEALS

  • தமிழன்
    1 month ago


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