I think my dog accidentally ate one of my probiotics, will she be ok?

Ok so I think my dog ate one of my probiotics that fell on the ground 15 minutes ago. The brand of the probiotics is Jarrows Formulas women s fem dophilus, and my dog is a small female chiweenie that s almost 3 years old. She seems fine right now, but I don t know how she ll react later. Do I need to take her to the vet???

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    5 days ago


  • J C
    5 days ago

    Probiotics are often recommended for pets with chronic loose stool, or are on antibiotics, just like people. And they take the same probiotics that people do. So yes, she will be fine! Be careful with pills though, as this one is harmless, but many/most human pills are not.

  • E. H. Amos
    5 days ago

    No, from the listed ingredients, this doesn’t look to have anything in it that is detrimental to the dog.

    Dogs often benefit FROM probiotics esp if a vet decides to Rx an antibiotic (for some type of infection (like a UTI or ear) which will kill ALL gut flora = (both good & bad) in the dog. Without replacement probiotics it can take MONTHS, for the dog to be able to fully replace their gut flora.

    However, dogs usually do better when given a correct dose for their size & weight and a product best suited to CANINES. Purina makes a powdered formula some vet’s offer, called Fortiflora. You simply add it to their food. Standard Process makes ProSynbiotic, which my holistic vet offers.

    Some dog food brands add pro and pre-biotics to their foods. How well they survive the manufacturing process, I do NOT know.

  • sats
    5 days ago

    She is fine. It is actually recommended that you give dogs yogurt (no sugar) once in a while because of the probiotics.

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