I need help filling out this job application?

i’m filling out a job application and in one of the columns, i should list “Current Employer (Name and Address of Employer-Type of Business)”. But i don’t get the meaning of this sentence. what does “Employer-type of Business” mean?


this question might seem odd to you, but english isn’t my 1st language, so can some one help me pls?

this question might seem odd to you, but english isn’t my 1st language, so can some one help me pls?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i think it’s the punctuation that got you confused. the “-” [dash] can be used to make a compound word, but it also can function to mark off words like parentheses do, which is the way it’s used here. So instead of “employer-type-of-business” like a compound word, it’s better understood as “employer (type of business).” They’re just asking you to make sure its clear what type of business your employer does – for example, construction, software design, marketing, grocery sales, etc.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    I hate that I went to Best Buy to get a part time job and when I asked for an application they said you have to apply over the internet. When you apply for them it is like a 300 question personality test along with the average info as well. Why can’t you just apply with the store supervisor anymore. People can spend an hour filling out these long applications and never even get a response, at least give the people that take the time to work for you a response. I must of got a thumbs down buy somebody that works at best buy lol, and i’m speaking about other places as well. I applied for a job somewhere else and they didn’t give me an interview because I had a street address wrong at an old address of mine from 6 days ago. I put 111 China St. when it was 112 China St.; that was absurd.

  • Ed Atun
    1 month ago

    It means “What category of company was this?” They just want you to explain a bit about the job so they don’t have to guess what your duties were.

  • michelle w
    1 month ago

    like example mcdonalds -fast food )thats what they mean another example jcpenny-department store

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