I need a thesis statement about mandatory drug testing in schools..can somebody help me….thank you….!!!!?

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  • DSatt57
    1 month ago

    Well, how do you feel about mandatory drug testing? A thesis statement would incorporate that feeling.

    I believe that drug testing is bad because…

    I believe that drug testing is good because

    Drug testing can cause…

    How do you feel about it and then write it.

  • Nick S
    1 month ago

    The main thing to remember about a thesis statement is that it should be argumentative. The best papers have a clear, strong thesis that argues something. Since it’s about mandatory drug testing, you could have a thesis to argue something based on how you feel about it. This is an example that I could think of:

    “Mandatory drug testing in schools is a strong deterrent against school violence and illegal drug possession on school grounds.” And you’d back up whatever argument you choose to make in you paper with supporting details, statistics, and case studies (I strongly recommend these).

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