I need a clever fantasy football team name for a new dad.?

Please help! I’m about to be a new dad and I want a clever fantasy football name. We came up with one for my wife (Winning for 2), but I can’t come up with anything. Thanks alot!

2 Answers

  • Timothy
    1 month ago

    Expectant Winner, Rad Dads, Newborn Champs, New Arrival, Baby on Board, _____ and son if its a boy, Like father like son, Wild Child Coming, The Pacifier, Mini Me’s, Winner from the Womb, lol, sorry, gettin silly, Victory Conception, I dunno if any of these are “it” for you but maybe they will help you come up with something. Good luck and Congrats to ya! P.S. Need help with baby names? lol just kidding

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    double trouble

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