i licked raw chicken,what will happen to me ?

okay my mum was cooking a chicken stir fry and she had some raw chicken in a bowl that had just come out the freezer ,because i was to busy talking to her i put some of it in my mouth thinking it was cooked,after about 5 seconds i spat it out ! i am 14 year old female if that helps

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  • Poseidon
    8 days ago

    Hello Debbie,

    The fact that you put some raw chicken in your mouth for a few seconds does not mean anything will happen to you. In fact it is highly unlikely that you will catch anything like food poisoning.

    Of course there is the very remotest possibility that you could catch food poisoning but I think it is extremely unlikely.

    The symptoms of food poisoning normally develop between one and three days.

    The most common symptoms are:




    Other symptoms can be:

    Stomach cramps

    Abdominal pain

    Loss of appetite

    High temperature of 38C (100.4F) or above

    Muscle pain


    For more information about this please visit:

    The fact that you are only 14 makes no difference.



  • ?
    8 days ago

    Umm you can get salmonella from raw chicken which you can die from in extreme cases, just like use mouthwash or like salt water and you should be okay. But if you get sick you need to call your doctor

  • Dandelion Perfect
    8 days ago

    Probably nothing. Actually very few people have trouble with raw meat. I wouldn’t eat it and swallow it though. Chicken’s normal flora is Salmonella, like ours is e Coli.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

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  • The Oldest Man In The World
    8 days ago

    Tomorrow morning, you will become a chicken. Just kidding.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    Ummmm….. U will probably get sick.

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