i just got a nose ring my stud keeps popping up?

it has come out too several times can i take this one out and put a silver one on in its only been since the 4th

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  • Christine
    1 month ago

    I wouldn’t take it out yourself just yet. For the nose ring to heal properly you need to wait at least 8-10 weeks before changing it out, otherwise you could get a granuloma (a fleshy bump near the hole) from the trauma.

    Go to your piercer and ask them to change it out for you. Make sure the end is curved (called a “nose screw”) to keep it from popping out. If they pierced you with a straight stud and it’s coming out, you should go to a different parlor. Clearly they don’t know what they are doing! Having it pop out during the healing process is SO bad for the piercing.

  • Queen
    1 month ago

    I have my nose pierced too. But I never had a problem wit it coming out. The original stud that was put in shouldn’t b a straight 1 it should be curved. Now 2 take it out so soon that I don’t know I really wouldnt this soon. I had my pierced the last week n June and I didn’t actually change mine out until Aug. But that was me. U might want 2 go back 2 who pierced it and ask why it comes out. Sorry I couldn’t help any but maybe the gauge is 2 small but b careful u dont want a huge 1 either. By the way a nose ring is sexy, I get tons of compliments. I also have 4ear piercing and a tongue ring. Girl go 4 it what ever make u happy. Just dress the part as well and fluant it. I’m a thick lady and I work it. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!

  • h_tidewell
    1 month ago

    Never put silver in a body piercing. It is full of nickel and can cause a reaction. Silver is not intended to be used inside your body.

    If the nostril screw keeps popping up then go back to your piercer to have them custom bend it to fit. They always make it longer when you first get pierced because they expect your body to swell and they need to leave room to accomodate the swelling. Downsize the post and you will be fine. And no changing the jewelry until 3 months…AFTER it heals! 😉

  • ?
    5 days ago

    It is completely your choice, but let me tell you something. If you do chose to get a stud, if it is on correctly and secured right on your nose, it shouldn’t slip or sink in. If you get the right size piercing for the thickness of the skin on your nose, it should be alright. Probably the only reason it ever sinks in is because their piercer wasn’t that good and couldn’t fit it right for them.

  • Autumn Ammo
    1 month ago

    mine did that too. i got so annoyed that i just took it out and let it heal up. no you shouldnt change it but if its causing you problems and grief then you can go ahead and try changing it. but make it quick because it can close up fast.

  • windybrr
    1 month ago

    what a horrible thing to do to your face. cows have rings in the nose. copycat.

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