i have been haveing chest pains and i hear a sound like a drippin water faucet inside my chest is that bad?

and every time it drips i can feel it its like i have a boel of water in my belly and a broken faucet in my chest and its dripping into the bowl…its verry wier….and it hurts….is this bad?

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  • dyciane
    1 month ago

    it could be what i have which is pleurisy. It is water that builds up in the chest under the lung in the lung wall…it hurts like chest pains, and you can get your doctor to prescribe tramadol…a non narcotic pain reliever….go get a check up to make sure you don’t have pneumonia or severe bronchitis…best of health to ya…~~~

  • Linda R
    1 month ago

    It sounds like you have fluid in your lungs. That happens with things like pneumonia. It can also happen with congestive heart failure, when the fluid outside the lungs seeps in. Untreated, this can be fatal. Pleural effusion, which is fluid in the lungs, can have numerous causes, all of them serious. Stop fooling around in yahoo answers and get yourself to an emergency room.

  • bam chicka wa wa ;]
    1 month ago

    Sounds bad to me. You may want to go to your doctor as soon as you can because it sounds like it could be a blood clot or something like that.

  • sweetemtation_123
    1 month ago

    My advice like everyone would of course go to the doctor, some people i know can’t afford the doc’s but some people are of course rude….. but that would be my advice DOC, lots of luck to you, god bless

  • johN p. aka-Hey you.
    1 month ago

    You might need a new washer,but whatever you do, do’t go to a plumber, Drs. are cheaper. Also, if your nose runs, and your feet smell, you were built upside down.

  • cheergal4
    1 month ago

    no its normal to have chest pains and here faucets in ur chest when its not soposed to be like that ..

  • radio309
    1 month ago

    Yes your next call should be 911. Good luck

  • shawnreed25
    1 month ago

    it’s maybe all in your head. but seriously how many times do you have to play with fire to know that you’ll get burned?

    you know that it shouldn’t sound like that go to the Dr. you shouldn’t put off something like that ,if you value your life.

  • radarjet67
    1 month ago

    Any time you are experiencing chest pains, you should consult your physician immediately…period!!!

  • RBRN
    1 month ago

    ANYTIME you have chest pain, you must go to the ER right away.

    YES it is bad.

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