I have 265 / 70 R16 will a 265 / 75 R16 tire fit?

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  • scrubbag
    1 month ago

    It should fit okay. The 265 is mm of tire width, 10.43 in inches wide at the widest part. The 70 and 75 are the percentage of the width and this is the sidewall size, x 2 for top and bottom sidewalls of the tire.

    So a 70 would be 7.30 inches tall x 2 for top and bottom of the tire sidewall, or 14.6 inches, plus the 16 inch wheel, for a total of 30.6 inches tall, 10.4 wide at its widest. This would be 30.6 inches tall.

    A 75 would be a bit taller. 7.82 inches x 2 is 15.65 inches tall sidewalls, plus the 16 inch wheel, gives you the 31.65 inches tall by 10.43 wide.

    So you see, the smaller the / number is, like 60 R 16, the height of the tire is shorter. A 60 would be 60% of the 265, (the 10.43 inches) or 6.25 inches and this is the sidewall, so it is times 2, for 12.5 inches tall, plus the 16 inches, for 28.5 inch tall tire, 10.43 inches wide.

  • Sande
    6 days ago

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    I have 265 / 70 R16 will a 265 / 75 R16 tire fit?

  • erke
    4 days ago

    265 75r16 Tires

  • thebax2006
    1 month ago

    If you have ABS brakes, traction control and/or AWD you can’t run off size tires. The tires must be exactly the same size. The tires will be slightly different in diameter and will throw codes and disable the ABS and traction control. The AWD has a viscous coupling that will wear out faster or be damaged from the constant extra work it must do to sync the wheels front to rear.

    If all 4 tires are replaced and no clearance problems exist, there won’t be the problems mentioned.

  • helfer
    5 days ago

    265 70r16

    1 month ago

    Yes it will fit — But But But – If this is a 2 wheel drive vehicle then replace both tires that are on the same axle = meaning change both rears or both fronts at the same time….

    If this vehicle has traction control or a full time 4 wheel drive then do not do this…. This will confuse the traction control computer and / or damage the transfer case……

    If your changing all 4 then your all set – the minor tire size difference is no big deal…..

  • dead7
    1 month ago

    the answer is yes the first number is the width of the tire (tread section) the 2nd is the height of the tire to the tread section (side wall) the 3rd is the size of the rim (aka wheel) the only thing is your speedo will be off due to the difference in height aka diameter the 75 tire will require less turns to travel a mile/km so you will be faster than your speedo will read.

  • john
    1 month ago

    unless your vehicle has a drop kit or the tires rub with the 265/70’s it will fit… the 70 or 75 has something to do with the width of the tire… the lower the 2nd number, the wider the tire will be.. most tire shops can tell you whether or not it will fit your vehicle.

  • robert d
    1 month ago

    yes it will fit the rim the one’s your takeing off now are just a little wider

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