I cleansed my house with sage, now I feel sick?

Hi I’m 16, the “friends” we live with, we haven’t gotten along with them for some time (its true what they say, you don’t know someone ’till you live with em’) and we are actually in the process of moving, and so while my parents went shopping, and our “friends” were outside doing yard work (they don’t know I cleansed the house with sage), I decided to sage the WHOLE house, windows and doors to get rid of any negative energy and bad spirits, Ive done it multiple times at the past two places (I’ve only been using sage for about three years) we’ve lived at, and nothing bad has ever happened to me. But now right after I finished with cleansing the house, I sat down to watch Pretty Little Liars and all of the sudden I got horrible stomach pains, and gas and then I ran to the bathroom and had diarrhea (sorry gross I know) and it burned a lot. I looked down after wards, and saw red stuff, not like blood I don’t think. I had just ate some watermelon a half hour before, so I don’t think it was that. Is it possibly it was some of the lining of my intestines, it didn’t look like it was chewed up watermelon, and I haven’t had anything red for the past week. Could it have been the spirits, and the negative energy possibly attacking me somehow because I was trying to get them out of the house? I believe in the spirit world (ghosts and all). My stomach is settling down now as I type this, but I still feel a little sick. I didn’t know if this should go into the Health category or not, sorry. And thank you ahead of time for any answers, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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  • Hunter
    9 days ago

    More than likely you poisoned yourself. Sage contains thujone which in large amounts can be toxic, especially in a sealed environment.

  • ?
    9 days ago

    I think you just had a sudden attack of the runs, and the sage thing is purely coincidental.

    I’ve seen ghosts a lot of times, even communicated with them once or twice, and I think the whole idea of burning sage is nothing but mythology. Sorry, but I don’t think it works at all. Ghosts, according to most textbooks, are simply the spirits of deceased people. In other words, they’re just people like everyone else. Sage doesn’t do anything to the living (unless allergies are involved), so I can’t see how it would affect a ghost. There’s only one burning herb that affects me in any way, and it sure ain’t sage.

    In your case, it was probably either a virus or something you ate that your body didn’t agree with. Fruit that isn’t ripe can have that effect, as can food with certain parasites or anything else. Maybe it wasn’t even the watermelon, but a not-so-clean coffee cup from the day before. In any event, the non-ghostly possibilities far outweigh the paranormal ones.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    I did the same and now I feel sick as well. Some people actually smoke sage, yes smoke it. I would never but even so, you aren’t going to poison yourself. There is a big difference between a poisoning and a psychoactive effect. You probably just got a high from the smoke. Not all highs are the same. Seeing as sage is used for cleansing, it probably was cleansing you from the inside out and it’s not always pleasant. I am not saying to go smoke it but the negative effects of smudging will go away in no time. In my case, ibuprofen will help but I can always feel it going away with all the windows open.

  • vicki
    9 days ago

    Dont forget to cleanse yurself with the sage as well. Ive used it for years but never had anything like that happen.

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    You might have an allergy to sage – open up some windows to air out your house..

    You go outside and take several deep breaths of fresh air.

  • Bud
    5 days ago

    I m a paranormal investigator and using sage is psychological and basically a placebo effect … you more than likely had a bad reaction to it !!!!

  • Christian Minister
    9 days ago

    The bible says you can get your azz kicked by fighting demons without using or knowing Jesus Christ personally.

    I never use sage. I simply use Jesus name. – No problems like yours…

    Talk to me for more help. I have time- see my profile

    Demons make those things happen

    1. Get saved if not already

    2. Dont use Ouija boards- repent of that.

    2. Play Christian music.

    3. Say Get out in Jesus name ( only if you are saved)

    4. Forgive others.

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