I am trying to make myself get braces…how do i make myself get braces?

mainly i am saying i want braces but every time i go to the dentist i don’t need them…how do i get my teeth crooked so i can get some…i will mark as best answer if u can help me…


and i want rite answers…dnt be sayn stuff lik datz dumb blah blah blah…n i wnt dem cuz i do…n i dnt eat hard candy

and i want rite answers…dnt be sayn stuff lik datz dumb blah blah blah…n i wnt dem cuz i do…n i dnt eat hard candy

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  • joni
    1 month ago

    OMG!!! Sweety! Please tell your joking! I have them, wanted them for years. They are NOT fun! Trust me on this!!! It feels like someone punched you in the front teeth alot of the time. You keep blisters in your cheeks and on your lips alot. Your teeth feel loose alot. It hurts like hell when they change your wires. And spacers hurt enough to make you cry for the entire week you have them on. You have to be more picky about what you eat because alot of the time you can’t bite with your front teeth, you have to break things up and shove it into the back of your mouth. No, Doritos, nuts of any kind, bubble gum that isn’t sugarless. No tacos, no prezels, no bagels. Nothing sticky at all. All good food is just a faint memory! Please reconsider wanting them unless you just really need them!

  • flowersii
    4 days ago

    Give Yourself Braces

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When I was in grade 2, my teeth started to grow crooked. At first nothing was really a big deal, people were teasing me though because I looked like a shark. Now, I’m in Year nine and had braces for 2 years. I was one of the few people that got picked from the give a smile foundation to get braces because I had a really severe case of crouding where all my teeth were going in different diarections. At times, I really desperately wanted braces, I thought they would look good, and in the end i’d have a great smile. I just wanted that experience of having them. When I first got them on, I was so happy.

    I was finally going to correct my teeth and they’ll be completlely straight in just 2 years. I know you say you really want them, because I did as well, I was just lucky they got crooked even more ( if you think that’s lucky ) I had to go into my first year of secondary college with braces. I got all the names and most of the boys thought i was ugly and wouldn’t come near me. Braces, also have alot of down sides that you have to go through to get that smile. You probably like lollies, and chocolate and fizzy drinks and even biting into apples? Well with braces you can’t eat them. They are the things your suppost to ” aviod ” if you don’t, the process is just gonna take longer and you’ll end up with horrible stained teeth. You probably have a good smile, and if you don’t need them, you don’t need them. Some people do go to those extremes and go and get braces just because one tooth is the turning out or something. Braces aren’t cool, if anything they are something anyone with a good smile could be crazy to get. To boot they cost around $8,000 dollars. Would you really pay that much to go through the pain of braces if you didn’t need them ? Braces stick into you, they brake, when you tighten them they hurt, you have to brush them extra well, and floss every single day. You sound young and probably have a beautiful smile that alot of people who are less fortunate would kill for !

    It’s your life, your teeth, and your choice.

    You can do heaps of things to ruin your teeth,

    but I know that all orthodontists won’t take in pacients that

    aren’t going to look after their teeth.

    * never brush or floss.

    * eat junk food all the time

    * pull teeth out for no reason

    * suck your thumb all the time.

    * smash your teeth.

    if you do all those things, you might have a chance.

    but if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time.

    Love the teeth you have.

  • Rosie <3
    1 month ago

    Hun, I got braces 2 days Ago and my teeth are hurting ALOT!! I was the same way I was like “I want braces si bad!!” Because I thought they were cute Haha, But there’s nothing great about braces exapt when their OFF!! they seriously do hurt if i had straight teeth i would not wanna get them!!! =]

    but senes you asked how do get your teeth crooked here’s my answer… EAT LOTS OF CANDY DON’T brush your teeth ALOT and here’s the most efective suloution… If one of your grown up teeth come out they would give you braces, to move your teeth to a whole different side… BUT if you really want braces go ahead but I’m sure It will hurt.


  • Haley
    1 month ago

    Your lucky you have straight teeth. even having a crooked one, you still probably wont get braces. I have them and they hurt really bad, and you always get food in them. Also, they cut the inside of your mouth. I used to want them but im stuck with them for two more years.

  • Teeps
    1 month ago

    why do you want braces i had them and it was not very fun. plus for the first few weeks you can eat any thing hard. if you don’t need them well thank god but if your teeth are actually crooked, maybe you should see a different orthodontist if your in south cal i recomend Dr.Nisco

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    one question why do you want braces if you do not need them? braces are painful and not fun and they’re expensive! only get them if you seriously need them but a way you could get braces is to make gaps in your teeth by sticking tooth picks in your teeth and leave them in there for awhile you could try that it might work.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    if your dentist says that you don’t need braces. then you need to get them. if your teeth are crooked a little bit, then go to the ortho and ask if you can get a retainer of invaslign because trust me, you don’t want braces if you don’t have to get them.

  • Dentist
    1 month ago

    why do you feel you need braces?

    If you do, then try a second opinion or go to an orthodontic’s office.

  • luckyme
    1 month ago

    no ones teeth are perfect if you got the cash i am sure they will put them on if you want

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