I am a rabbit in a play…. how should I act- sound- look?

I am a rabbit in a play and need to act and sound like one for the play… but I have no clue what I should do to sound and act like a rabbit…. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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  • CSM
    1 month ago

    u should act like a rabbit…stare at a rabbit n see how it moves n whatever…act like it in the play…this is all i got…sorry….hope it helped….

  • quinnnalley
    1 month ago

    Just hop around with your arms bent up in front of you.. twitch your nose a little and occasionally rub your nose 🙂

  • Jenny74
    1 month ago

    go to a pet store and watch the rabbits

    twitch your nose, hop around, make sudden movements and then stay still

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hold your “paws” in front of you and rub your nose every once in a while.

  • Theatre Doc
    1 month ago

    use your imagination and observation

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