Human purple shampoo is ok for dogs?

I have a 4 months old miniature schnauzer

Her hair is originally salt and pepper color

But her ears are brown color

And now her body under coat is getting brown

My friend said take her a bath with a human purple shampoo

I wonder if it isn’t harmful to my dog and it helps to change my dog’s brown color into white

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  • ?
    6 days ago

    Avoid human shampoo because people & dogs have diffrent pHs. Also avoid dish soap as it is far too harsh to use on a human or dog.

    Buy a purple or blue shampoo for dogs. If it is white hair that is stained yellow or brown this will return it to white.

    Please note that as a 4 month old pup, your pup may have started growing brown hairs. If her hairs are brown ones rather than white ones that are stained or dirty they will NEVER be white no matter the shampoo. You say her undercoat js becoming brown. Thia sounds like naturally brown hair ranther than dirt or stains so it sound like you’re wasting your time. Try blue or purple dog shampoo anyways, really brings out their colour!

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    I don’t even trust the ingredients in human shampoo so I try to choose one with the least chemicals.Wash her with apple cider vinegar and water or dawn (the dish liquid).Used both on my cat and dog and their coat is shiny and smells nice.:)

  • GllntKnight
    6 days ago

    Dogs shouldn’t be bathed* unless vet recommended and/or prescribed.


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